Saturday, 27 December 2008

The first work sounds like duck, and the second word is the opposite of on...

My Nan died on Monday 22nd, and although I felt like blogging, I didn't quite know where to start. I spent Chrtistmas Eve until this morning with my Mum, and my Dad is picking me up in an hour. This is just a quick post to say; I'm ok, Happy Christmas, and I GOT A DUCK.

This is the second rubber duck I have been bought, and I'm feeling a collection coming on. Pirate duck and Lulu Guiness Love-Hate duck are the beginning of something new...

I hope everyone else is bearing up ok, and I will provide duck pictures soon.


Hannah said...

so sorry for you honey, stay strong, my thoughts are with you at this sad time.


Lola Snow said...

GG, I'm so sorry. I haven't got anything I can say, huh? Just sending you support via t'internet, and if you need me then you have my email.

Lola x

Lola Snow said...

Happier New Year GG. Miss you matey. Hope things are OK as they can be given the circumstances.

Lola x