Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Leucotomy, Tribunals and Placements

I have just started a new placement.
It's an older adult ward, which I was extremely worried about - for my own health.
I don't really feel ready after losing my Nan. This will probably be my hardest placement yet.

On another note, I have to wear a uniform... euurrrrggghhhhhhhh.
The two hour commute (each way) isn't fun either.

One of my new service users underwent a leucotomy forty years ago. I am intrigued, and this person really brightened up the afternoon.

I have my DLA Tribunal tomorrow - I'm shitting myself. Literally, it might help my chances? Kidding... Has anyone seen the preperation that N putd herself through in Poppy Shakespeare (or indeed read the book)? Something like that maybe?

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