Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Would somebody please...

... tell my mind to shut the F*CK up?

Numb, unfeeling, slumped in the corner and unable to move - I can deal with that, ok?

It's this round and round and up and down and the strange thoughts and feeling like I'm floating along, my feet bouncing off an invisible pavement 18 inches off the ground. I feel detached, unable to connect with anyone, I feel weird. I feel like a freak. I feel worried. This is not normal.


Sophie said...

r u sure it isn't normal?? who says what's normal and what's not?? i guess we all are normal, our own way. i love the things u write! so i'm following u! hope u do it too.

Morrie said...

This is actually pretty normal for any pre-menopausal female. Ask anyone.

I'm actually very frank with my thoughts and feelings. So, like you, I'll be the first to admit what's going on with myself. I have some extreme ups and downs and round and rounds. The thing is, we've been handing out "it's okay to see a doctor about mental health" passes for the past 30 years that everyone figures it's ADHD or ADD or PMDD or whatever else they'll throw onto you.
So I'm going to say to you--from one woman to another--every woman, girl, female feels the EXACT same way you are feeling at this moment. Everybody.

Bridgette said...

You’re not alone. Everyone has issues, whether it’s mental illness, addiction, or anything of the sort. I’ve found that Silver Hill, a substance abuse and psychiatric hospital, has some really good information and resources. Talking/blogging about these things can be extremely helpful not just for yourself, but for others in need. Keep up the good work.