Tuesday, 11 January 2011

End of the line?

After almost 3 years of training, just 2 months from qualifying, I may have finally messed it up.
I've been referred to the Conduct Board meeting due to extended sickness and absence during this final placement.
I've not been off work due to mental health problems, but due to flu followed by a rather nasty chest infection. I've clocked up 3 weeks of absence, and I fear that this coupled with my abysmal attendance during the earlier half of the course due to depression may be the end of the dream for me.

I love my job - in many ways it has changed my life, and the idea of losing it now is hard to stomach. I've stayed on medication (Venlafaxine) for a lot longer than I would have been happy to otherwise, in order to keep my place at Uni. However, I'm not happy to work when I know my health (physical or mental) would make me unable to do my job as well as I'd like to.

I know I can be a good nurse, and I have worked hard to get this far, but I also know that sickness and absence is what has cost me a job in the past, and what will probably cost me this one.

I'm hoping for a minor miracle.

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Differently Sane said...

{{{hugs}}} - I hope they don't kick you off. It must be a terrifying thought and must be causing you immense stress.

From a pragmatic point of view I'd have thought with the investment they've put into your training and the fact that you are a good nurse, they'll do everything in their power to retain you - hopefully they'll find a way for you to stay on the course (maybe just repeating that placement or something?)

Take care,