Wednesday, 29 October 2008

It is recommended that you do not consume alcohol whilst taking your medication.


Well. The "no drinking or smoking" plan has not worked out very well.

Lovely Prozac makes alcohol MUCH more effective, so a couple of Vodka and Diet Cokes are having quite an effect.

And I've had two cigarettes.

And a few pulls on a joint.


None of the above is going to have a positive impact on my long-term mental state. However, they've kept me from self harming and purging, for this evening at least.

Lesser of two evils?


Hannah said...

nothing like making the meds work their magic than spicing them up with a little drinkie - wicked but floaty floaty stops me cutting so it must be the lesser of 2! ;)

Lola Snow said...

It's only a problem if you let it become a problem. I think you are both right. Everything in moderation, we can work on the moderation later!

Lola x

PS GG - your comment really pulled me out of a hole yesterday, I mean it. Thanks Kiddo x

drug addiction treatment said...

Make a wise decision by not drinking alcohol while you are taking medications. You are only going to waste money and endanger your health if you do so.