Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Oh why oh why does he have to be a locum?
He listened. He replied. He actually told me what is going on, and he offered to send me a copy of my report [which I accepted]. And now he is going. Sob*.

He couldn't access the system due to a fault, so he did ask me some things about my past history, but not to repeat every sordid detail. He didn't want to know the colour of my socks, or piercingly stare whilst enquiring whether I was "compliant".
I like LocumShrink.

He also has an idea of what might be going on in this little brain of mine. It's just an idea at the moment, we'll see what happens, but it could explain why Prozac and Citalopram didn't agree with me. He thinks I might be Bipolar II, as after going on Prozac I had what is suspected to be a hypomanic episode, and possibly also following my brief spell on 'Tally.

Bipolar II, for anyone not so familiar, is depressive episodes with a few hypomanic episodes thrown in. No fullblown manias, just probable hypomania, periods of excessive everything which to be honest can be quite enjoyable if a little unpredictable. Well. More than a little. After the Prozac kicked in [and kicked me up up up] I was in a bit of a whirlwind for about 6 weeks. When I came out of it, I had started a nursing degree. Now, I love what I do, but prior to that I hadn't even considered it.

*The good looks and soft Irish accent helped. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed SSRI anti=depressants can precipitate a 'manic' reaction in quite a few people. They are not the 'wonder drug' they were made out to be several years ago. Current thinking on the matter is that of those previously diagnosed as uni-polar depressives, over 60% are infact within the 'bipolar spectrum'. This does not necessarily mean they have prior manic or hypo-manic episodes but these may be precipitated by certain drugs (including recreational and anti-depressants). I think the technical diagnostic term is bipolar lll 1/2 or something ridiculously obscure. Basically it enatils a shift in diagnostic category from uni-bi-polar to a 'mood disorder spectrum', the main crux being that they may now consider altering treatment by adding a mood-stabiliser to an anti-depressant .
Don't get too excited about this. Mood stabilisers are pants. I was treated with anti depressants prior to being diagnosed as bipolar ll. The anti depressants had me rapid cycling like crazy within a week. Since then it's been mood stabilisders and anti-psychotics and a complete refusal to offer any sort of 'talking therapy' since once they've labelled you bipolar, you're doomed. All they seem to want to do is dope the hell out of you.
Sorry to be such a kill-joy. But do make the most of the cute shrink!
Best of luck.