Thursday, 22 January 2009

My Size Zero Is Better Than Your Size Zero...

Or the wonders of so-called "vanity sizing".
I usually wear a pair of lowrise jeans, bought from Asda, which claim to be a UK size 4. They are getting a bit tight now, but they stretch a bit after an hour or so of wearing them. Today I bought a pair of leather trousers [for motorbike rallies and the like] from The Gods Of Clothing, the almight Topshop. They are a UK8, however they seem quite tight. Part of this is because they have a higher waist, and I have high hipbones, however they compare more to a size 6 in most of the other high street stores. I also tried a higher waisted pair of Topshop jeans in a UK10 [!!!], which hung off me, and made my mother grimace and comment on how I "need feeding up".

A UK6 in New Look still fits relatively well, although they seem to think I have the thighs of a UK14. Boots are never small enough on my calves. Most clothing stores seem to think I have no breasts [I have them again! Back to a 30DD! Mwa ha ha ha ha!]. Although getting a longer leg length is relatively easy, getting tops to fit my [ridiculously] long upper body is still almost impossible, and for someone who HATES their stomach, this is very frustrating. I tend to buy t-shirt dresses, or get men's band t-shirts and sew up the sides.

Shirts are a nightmare. The arms and body are never long enough, and if I get clothing from the "tall" section, I need a UK4/6 which is hardly ever available.

What is the deal with this vanity sizing business anyway? Why can't everything just be available in tall as well as petite? Almost all the hghstreet stores cater for the *ahem* fuller figure, with Plus Size clothing getting it's own section, designs and even name, yet tall clothing is limited to one rail, if there is any!

The only options seem to be paying extortionate prices at specisalist online stores, which usually don't do smaller than a UK8, gaining lots of weight [Noooooo! This is big enough!], or having life changing surgery to shorten my body and arms, so that I can wear normal clothes!

Next clothing rant: How DARE La Senza stop selling 30-inch back sizes!? Now, I have to buy from specialist, not to menton expensive brands such as Freya. Or spend hours at my Mum's sewing machine removing inches of excess material.


Kate said...

Hmm, I didn't know that about La Senza but I share your pain! I tought they were just out of stock last time I was in. Grrr. *Must eat more to fit a 32* There is no way I can afford expensive ones, the last ones I got were from Debenhams in the sale; their 32 fits me so all was good!


Hannah said...

Hey there, was hoping you'd post again, missed reading your blog!

I have noticed the fuller figure sections have started taking over the stores, I wouldn't mind if they gave the same space and range to all sections! I'm 5"10 so I need to buy Tall but these sections have diminished and the choice is ridiculously limited. Trying on clothes is a major chore for me at the best of times and the confusion of sizing between stores means taking arm loads of clothes into the changing rooms, making an already depressing task even worse!
And what's the deal with maternity sections spreading out all over the place, it would appear that unless you're pregnant or blessed with curves you don't belong in Topshop and Newlook any more!
Sharing your grumblings!

Han xxx

Lola Snow said...

Couldn't agree more with the arms thing. A shopping trip always leaves me wondering whether I am the missing link between man and monkeykind. My knuckles do not drag on the floor and yet every shirt seems three quarter length on me.

Lola x

Anonymous said...

True true true, and I have just found reading your blog v. helpful. I am just starting to see the CMHT here and we are identifying deeeeep depressions with hypomanic interludes. SO it was good to read about someone else the same.
FULLY agree with the clothing issue - I'm tall and find smart work clothes that are actually nice and fit my shape a nightmare, I have 1 pair of blacktrousers that you can now see my pants through unless I wear a black thong as they are the only ones have ever found that are right! Thank you x