Tuesday, 18 November 2008

How Mad Are You?

"Schizophrenia is the psychiatrist's equivalent of diagnosing someone with cancer".

This sentance shocked, saddened and angered me, but unfortunately, the man has a point. The social stigma attached to a diagnosis of schizophrenia is terrible.

It seriously saddened me, because of a young man I knew. He had spent most of the past 6 years as an inpatient, and the lack of effect of every medication and treatment I saw him try was another kick in the stomach. I can't bear to think of him, so full of promise and potential, losing his family and friend's because of an illness which he can't control.

At least with cancer people don't cross the street, because they read The Sun, and think that schizophrenia = murderer.

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Lola Snow said...

Ah yes. The Sun newspaper, creating stigma and sensationalism wherever and however it can.
The Sun: "Ruining Lives Daily"

What that's not their mission statement? Could have fooled me.