Friday, 28 November 2008

Multiple Choice Exams and The Depressed Mind

Quite simply, it is not a good idea.

The written questions weren't too bad, I just wrote down whatever I could vaguely relate to the topic, and attempted to stay on the topic. Multiple choice is really not a good idea for me right now. I can spend hours in Sainsburys debating over whether I should buy chickpeas or lentils. I can't pick between two flavours of soup, and don't even get me started on buying things like shampoo. They all promise so much!

The exam was a bit disasterous - I was desperate for a cigarette, and being given 4 slight variations of essentially the same answer was confusing and frustrating. I kept getting stuck on words, going round and round until I couldn't tell you which one I originally thought was most probable.

The worst part was that itchy feeling, the one I get when I desperately need to make a list. Pre-exam, list making isn't really an option. I ended up being escorted to the bathrooms, where I proceeded to scrawl some meaningless crap about plucking my eyebrows on my inner calf.

I'm supposed to be going to my Mum's to do some Christmas shopping. It's cold and horrible outside, and I want to get back into bed. I also need to eat the cottage pie I defrosted, but I know that she'll force me to eat again tonight.

On the plus side, my curtain rail decided to fall down on me at 3am. How fun!

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Lola Snow said...

sorry to hear that exam was a disaster, i hope it turns out that you do better than you thought.

Hang in their buddy, you have much much more to contend with than your average student. If there were grades for surviving the sh*t stuff in life, you'd be top of the class.


Lola x