Thursday, 6 November 2008

GG's Best Friend

I want a Papillon dog. Papillon means "butterfly" in French, on account of the big ears and symmetrical markings.

Dogs give unconditional love, even if you haven't washed your hair in over a week and you've been eating dry pasta because cooking it takes too long.

They don't stare at you when you're taking an assortment of pills for breakfast, and they certainly don't tell you to pull your socks up, take life by the horns and for God's sake smile.

I've wanted a dog for ages.

Now, I just need to hold out until Boyfriend or I have qualified and obtained some form of employment, then we can get our own place rather than renting rooms 200 miles apart, and I can get a dog.

I really need my own place, or maybe a place with Boyfriend. I've been renting rooms and staying with relatives since Mum threw me out over 3 years ago, and I want a place to call "Home".

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Lola Snow said...

I want a home too :(
get a dog, that would be a fantastic idea. Aren't they supposed to be brilliant for mental health? Plus on days (Obviously not evil bad days from hell) when you don't want to face the world, you have something cute which loves the hell out of you, to get up and take responsiblity for.

Lola x