Thursday, 6 November 2008

Focus On The Positive

... Says my counsellor, and my Connexions PA.

Now, they do have a valid point in saying that, but giving yourself Brownie Points for every little positive step just seems a bit like cheating. After all, the positive isn't important, it isn't what people remember you for. It's always the negative stuff they pounce on, using it to rip you to shreds, whereas the positive stuff is so easily ignored.

Lets try listing "good stuff" since returning from 'Oop North.

Here goes nothing.

Kudos for going to Connexions session, counselling and Doctor's appointments this week.

Double Points for doing my jobs on the cleaning rota.

Smiley Face
for making (and eating!) a veggie chilli, and for going food shopping.

Gold Star for bathing, washing hair and de-fuzzing legs without any slashy-slashy business.

.... ignore "not going to uni"....

1 comment:

Lola Snow said...

If you were in a crappy way, would there have been any point to you going to uni? I mean just showing up isn't much use of you can't concentrate anyway. you'd just end up feeling worse. Don't beat yourself up over it. You certainly won't be the first person with MH problems to miss a bit of Uni. You can catch up when you are better

Lola x